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Altered Tunings
Altone Records
Ryan Zygmont
Tom Nastasi
Tom Bailey
Tim Bluto
Ryan Zygmont
Basically, I learned how to play from Malvine and Dennis Claybourne they gave me my hands . Then Bill Cerulli showed me how to read and write what I was playing and also gave me a sense of where the notes were and how to count and breathe!
I have played hundreds of shows and have recorded thousands of hours.
New York City and the surrounding tri state area is where I have been gigging.
My playing style is admittedly a little busy at times but listening to Rod Morgenstein and Terry Bozzio instructional videos for hours on end will do that to you.
Mara Donis is a band that requires out of the box playing due to the textures and sounds created by the guitar and bass, we 4 can make a whole lot of noise!
I have no endorsements to date, but I always play pro-mark 419 sticks and zildjian cymbals.
Our album was recorded with Yamaha Power Recording series Birch drums and a Gretsch alloy snare. The floor Tom was an 18" Ludwig early 80's monster.
Remo ambassador coated heads on top of toms, clear Evans G2's on bottoms. The bass drum has a coated ambassador with an Evans ported front head. Snare has a reverse black dot CS on top, clear diplomat on bottom. The floor Tom had the original heads on I believe!!!
I am influenced by any great drummer dead or alive famous and the obscure I believe you can always learn something new and it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't due.
Life is short, so live it.